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From the ultimate experience in home cinema...

For over 25 years Cinema Sounds has been at the forefront in Home Entertainment Sound Technology. Originally utilizing products such as stereo and surround simulators, to today's Dolby ATMOS 3 dimensional surround systems, we know exactly what it takes to create a truly entertaining experience for our customers.

In addition, we are passionate about how a system operates. The most difficult aspect of any type of electronics system is how to control it! Most manufacturers give little regard to the customer when designing remote controls for their products. We always consider this as the most important element in our system design, as well as a key factor in the selection of the products we use. After all, if it isn't simple to control, then why have it?

We believe in the concept that "if you don't have to see it, why would you want to?" There is no one better at hiding subwoofers, speakers, components and wire than our installers.

...to the enjoyment of music throughout the home

Originally, music in the home came from a radio or CD player played through in-wall speakers and controlled by volume controls installed in various locations of the house. CDs gave way to iPods and MP3 players, which have now given way to Internet music systems controlled by smartphones and tablets.

Cinema Sounds carries all the latest technology when it comes to whole house entertainment. In addition to ceiling or wall speakers for the inside, we have a variety of great sounding weatherproof speakers for the outdoors. Plus, the equipment needed to make it all work no longer needs to be in a cabinet or on a shelf where it is always in sight. Our experienced installers can make these disappear as well.

At Cinema Sounds, we are always striving for a better way to achieve our ultimate goal... the smile on our customer's face!