Wireless Networks Cincinnati

Wireless Network Solutions

With Internet connections getting faster and more of our home technologies depending on it, wifi has never been more important. Whether streaming TV shows or music, using our phones and tablets to open door locks, turn on lights, check cameras, answer the door intercom, or just surfing the net, a good wireless signal is crucial. But what if that signal doesn't reach where we need it?

For the past several years, Cinema Sounds has put wired and wireless networks at the forefront of our services. Our advanced testing equipment can detect not only signal strength throughout a home or office, but interference as well. Interference can come from Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwaves, wireless security cameras, Zigbee devices, a wireless mouse or headset, Xbox controllers, wireless motion sensors, garage door openers and baby monitors. In addition, wireless signals can be decreased by brick, plaster or concrete walls, foil back insulation, metal pipes, metal roofs and Low-E or UV protective windows.

Cinema Sounds can do a complete analysis of your home or office. Then using advanced products from proven companies such as high-speed routers, wifi bridges, extenders and indoor and outdoor wireless access points, we can help you with:

  • Indoor and outdoor wifi problems and installations
  • Improved wifi speed
  • Extended and expanded wifi range
  • Network cable installations
  • Network outlets for computers, Internet music systems and TVs

All of your network problems have a solution!