Home Theater Cincinnati

Home Theater and Surround Sound

Cinema Sounds offers UNIQUELY designed systems to meet the demands of any room layout. Whether viewing a larger flat screen TV or a projector and screen, we can recommend the best design to maximize your entertainment experience. Our systems will blend into the room without giving the impression that they were installed as an afterthought, with the components hidden out of sight.

A Dolby 5.1 system with three front speakers and two rear speakers is a great system for the family room or entry level theater system.

The most popular system, a Dolby 5.2 system with two subwoofers, is the perfect choice for more serious home theaters.

Our Dolby ATMOS system is the newest surround technology offering a multi-dimensional sound
effect unlike anything you've heard before! With three speakers in front, two in the rear and two speakers above, the sounds can now be exactly where they need to be. Our most advanced system adds two more speakers on the side and a total of four speakers above. Controlled with a dedicated iPad, even the lights can become part of the experience!

Cinema Sounds has all the above surround formats on display and working!