Multi-Room and Outdoor Music Cincinnati

Multi-Room and Outdoor Music

As we start finding better ways to store and listen to music, Cinema Sounds finds better ways to enjoy it. With the advent of Internet music, systems by Sonos have made listening, enjoying and controlling music an artform.

Cinema Sounds can install an Internet music system that can be enjoyed in your kitchen, living room
and bedroom as well as around the pool, patio and deck. We can control it with a wall mounted smart tablet or the phone you are already carrying in your pocket. The music can be different in each room or area, or it can be the same.

Already have a distributed music system? Cinema Sounds can update it so you can get all the music
you ever wanted, all at the touch of a finger. Want more speakers throughout your home? Our
installers will do that while blending the speakers to the room and hiding the wires that power them. In addition, we carry wireless speakers that can be used both indoors and out.